The Institute for Research on Male Supremacism provides in-depth research and timely analysis of misogynist mobilization, ideology, and violence to support media, activists, and other researchers.

Join Us on 3/26: Webinar on Red Pill Ideology

“The Red Pill” is perhaps the most famous alt-right forum for men’s “sexual strategy,” which opposes feminism by forging men into “alpha males.” IRMS fellows Pierce Dignam & Julia DeCook will host a webinar on 3/26 at 1pm EST. Dignam will present research shedding light on the forum's origin, what its public emergence can tell us about gender inequality, and how its adherents helped get Trump elected. DeCook will provide commentary on de-platforming online misogynist forums.


Webinar on “Incel” Ideology & Violence: Now Online

Stream IRMS fellow Megan Kelly's first public presentation of the findings from her digital ethnography of incel communities and their links to violence. Alex DiBranco provides follow-up commentary on incels in connection to the threat of rising male supremacist terrorism. Watch the half-hour video of the first in our webinar series on the new IRMS YouTube channel.


Mentorship Opportunity for Research on Male Supremacism

We are now accepting applications for emerging researchers on male supremacism who wish to participate in the institute’s mentorship program. This opportunity is for those who are beginning projects on subjects related to male supremacism and misogyny who would benefit from the expertise of researchers already conducting work in this field. The program is open to researchers at all levels of academia and independent researchers.