Registration is open for the second joint Conference for Research on Male Supremacism and Right-Wing Studies. Co-hosted by the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies and the Institute for Research on Male Supremacism, and co-sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Political Research Associates, the virtual conference is a space to join other researchers focused on the right-wing and male supremacism for three days of panels, networking events, training sessions, and keynote speakers. The conference will take place Monday, May 10th to Friday, May 14th from 8am PT to 3pm PT each day, with a one-time replay of the morning panels at 3pm PT to accommodate different time zones

Researchers will present papers on the following panel topics:

  • Right-Wing Marketing and Manipulation
  • Misogynist Incels and Pickup Artists
  • White Supremacy and Its Intersections
  • Framing Masculine and Feminine Identity, Violence, and Nationalism
  • Tools for Supremacism: Games, Memes, Comics, Pop Culture
  • and more!

The conference will also include two keynote presentations, Attacks on Critical Race Theory and Anti-Trans Ideology in Male Supremacism.

Other sessions will discuss the emotional toll of conducting research that deals with ideologies that are hateful, dehumanizing, supremacist, etc., best practices for researchers doing work on supremacist groups, and public scholarship.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to join networking events, virtual “happy hours” to meet other researchers and discuss work or interests in an informal setting.

The conference also offers a digital security for attendees. This training will be led by Praveen Sinha, a software engineer, security researcher, and director of security at Equality Labs, Sinha is passionate about helping people navigate the intricacies of private and state surveillance, and working with marginalized identities and communities.

Register here to attend the conference.

Full Schedule:

Monday, May 10th

8am-9:45am PT: Panel: Right-Wing Marketing and Manipulation

Chair: Meredith L. Pruden, Georgia State University

Hanah Stiverson, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – “‘Relentlessly Patriotic’: The Commodification of Male Supremacy and White Nationalism”

Meghan Conroy, Loughborough University – Conceptualizing and Measuring Political Engagement Inspired by Reactionary Ideological Entrepreneurs on YouTube

Anna Schwenck, Oldenburg University – Authoritarian Masculinity and Entrepreneurship in Gangsta-rapper Kollegah’s Self-Fashioning

Ben Palmquist, Partners for Dignity & Rights – Parroting the Right: How Media and Polling Company Adoption of Insurance Industry Spin Warps Democracy

10am-11:45am PT: Panel: Fear, Fantasy, and Feelings on the Far-Right

Chair : Chelsea Ebin, Centre College

Sophie Bjork-James, Vanderbilt University – “White Genocide”: Digital Cultures and the shape of White Nationalist Fear

Josefine Landberg, Lund University – “White Genocide”: Digital Cultures and the shape of White Nationalist Fear

Sophie Schmalenberger, Aarhus University – Hooked on a (far-right) Feeling: The AfD, Memory and an ‘Alternative German-ness’ for Germany

Julian Castro-Rea and Gerardo Centeno García, University of Alberta – TUMOR: the (Dis)organization of the Right-Wing Resistance Against Mexico’s “Fourth Transformation.”

12pm-1:15pm PT: Welcome to CRWS & IRMS

Discussion: What are the current priorities for right-wing studies?

1:30-2:30pm PT: Social Hour/Open Discussion: The Emotional Toll of Researching Supremacist Movements

Tuesday, May 11th

8am-10am: Keynote: Attacks on Critical Race Theory and Decolonizing Education: Maintaining Institutional Racism in the U.S. and Europe

Moderator: Stephen Small, Director, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, University of California, Berkeley

Rokhaya Diallo, French journalist, Gender+ Justice Initiative at Georgetown University

Daniel HoSang, Yale University

Kwame Nimako, Black Europe Summer School

Adrienne Davis, Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity at Washington University in St. Louis

10:15am-12pm: Panel: Misogynist Incels and Pickup Artists

Chair: Greta Jasser, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Catherine Baker, Loughborough University – Infrastructures of meaning, rhetoric and evidence within the online incel wiki

Javier Rivera, The University of Texas at Austin – Phallocentric Amelioration: Outlining the Sexual Structures of Black and Latino Incels

Suzanne van Geuns, University of Toronto – Online Ascent: A Historical Analysis of Seduction and Its Infrastructure

12:05pm-1:05pm PT: Social Hour

1:15pm-3pm: Panel: Supremacist Mobilization and Radicalization Online

Chair: Meredith L. Pruden, Georgia State University

Simon Copland, Australian National University – The online manosphere, male supremacism and misogyny in the far-right

Matthew Valasik, Louisiana State University – Loud and Proud: The Role of Alt-Tech at Maintaining Alt-Right Echo Chambers

Freya Kerwick, University of Sydney – The Hyperbolic Chad: Futility in the Incel Attachment to Normative Hypermasculinity

Tomas Cartmill, University of Melbourne – Emotion, Complexity and Online Right-Wing Radicalization

Wednesday, May 12th

8am-9:45am PT: Panel: The German Far-Right in Focus and Comparative Perspective

Chair: Margherita Crippa, Universite Paris-Dauphine

Fiona Schmidt, Humboldt University Berlin and Isabella Greif, University of Cologne – Deficiencies in the prosecution of right-wing terrorism in Germany

Marc Schwietring, Fu Berlin – Spearheads for a male Direct Democracy? – The Self-Representation of the Party Alternative for Germany (AfD) as ‘True Democrats’

Dietmar Loch, University of Lille – The Populist Radical Right in Europe: between (post-)fascist legacy and globalized authoritarianism

10am-11:45pm PT: Panel: White Supremacy and Its Intersections

Chair: Sophie Bjork-James, Vanderbilt University

Marc Brenman, IDARE LLC – When Hate Groups March Down Main Street: Engaging a Community Response

Mathieu Burgalassi, Aix – How to prepare a civil war: The French doomsday prepper movement and the threat of racial war

Miriam J. Abelson, Portland State University – Making Christian Patriots: Traditional Masculinity, Anti-LGBTQ Sentiment, and White Supremacy in the American Redoubt

Nicole Iturriaga, Kushan Dasgupta, & Aaron Panosky, UCLA – Feminist Retroviruses to White Sharia: ‘Scientific’ Theorization of Gender on 4chan

1pm-2:45pm PT: Panel: Seeding Movements: Youth Mobilization and Funding in U.S. History

Chair: Eliah Bures, CRWS

Kyle Byron, University of Toronto – Preaching in the Streets of Sodom: Revival, Apocalypse, and Contagion

Austin Zinkle, University of Kentucky – The Other Side of the Counter Culture: George Lincoln Rockwell and the Development of a White Power Youth Movement

Felix Harcourt, Austin College – Financing Hate: George W. Armstrong and Far-Right Funding Networks

Whitney McIntosh, Columbia University – Left or Right? Libertarians’ Anti-Statist Politics (1965-1980)

Thursday, May 13th

8am-9:45am PT: Panel: Framing Masculine and Feminine Identity, Violence, and Nationalism

Chair: Marta Cabezas, Autonomous University of Madrid 

Claudia Wallner, Royal United Services Institute – Between victimhood and supremacy: constructions of masculinity in far-right extremism

Judith Goetz, University of Vienna – Exclusively Male—Valiant—Identitarian? Violence-prone masculinities by the example of Identitarians in Austria and Germany

Margherita Crippa, Universite Paris-Dauphine – Beyond the “women-friendly” facade. The reconfiguration of unequal power relations within the French Front National

Bernhard Weidinger, Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance – Ethno-Nationalism, Elitism, Masculinity: Pan-German Student Fraternities as Hotbeds of Right-Wing Extremism in Germany and Austria

10am-11:45am PT: Panel: Tools for Supremacism: Games, Memes, Comics, Pop Culture

Chair: Meghan Conroy, Loughborough University

Noel Brett, McMaster University – Moments of Political Gameplay: Far-Right Gameplay and Political Becoming

Meredith L. Pruden, Georgia State University – Rhetorics of White Masculinity in Cuck

Eve Gianoncelli, University of Oxford – In Defense of Manly Man: The Cultural Expressions of Masculinism in the ‘Alt-right’

Johanna Maj Schmidt, University of Leipzig – “Saving Heroism in the Online Sphere – The Heroic in Far-Right Internet Memes”

12 pm-2pm PT: Keynote: Anti-Trans Ideology in Male Supremacism

Co-sponsored by the Center for Applied Transgender Studies

Moderator: Blu Buchanan, University of California, Davis

Emily Carian, California State University, San Bernardino

JE Sumerau, University of Tampa

Laurel Westbrook, Grand Valley State University

Heron Greenesmith, Political Research Associates

2pm-3pm PT: Social Hour

Friday, May 14th

8am-9:45am PT: Panel: Antifeminism and the Conservative Gender Order

Chair: Heron Greenesmith, Political Research Associates

Marta Cabezas, Autonomous University of Madrid – Men sleeping at the dungeon! Gender violence, disempowered masculinity and the dystopian present of the Spanish far-right

Josselin Tricou, French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, IRIS Center – Consolidate the gender order, make fathers great again: The emergence and the political objectives of the so-called “masculinity trainings” within the Catholic Church in France

Chelsea Ebin, Centre College – Tomorrow’s Past Today: The Prefigurative Construction of Conservative Religious Belonging

Carol Mason, University of Kentucky – Created equal, but equal in no other respect: opposing abortion to protect men 

10am-11:45am PT: Panel: Approaches to Research on Far-Right Ideologies and Intellectuals

Chair: Judith Goetz, University of Vienna

Eliah Bures, CRWS, UC-Berkeley – “Metapolitics and the Far Right’s Public Intellectuals: The Case of the German New Right”

Paul Elliott Johnson, University of Pittsburgh –   The Call is Coming from Inside the House: Beyond Alt-Right, Right-Wing, and Illiberal as Extremist Descriptors

Melody Devries, Ryerson University – Conspiracy “Worlding”: Anthropology’s Ontological Turn and What it Means for Studying the Contemporary Far-Right

1pm-3pm PT: Digital Security Training with Praveen Sinha of Equality Labs