Call for Papers: Conference on Supremacism and Authoritarianism

The Institute for Research on Male Supremacism is now accepting papers for a December 2022 interdisciplinary virtual Conference on Supremacism and Authoritarianism. In recent years, the threat from antidemocratic movements, ideologies, and politics around the globe has gained increased attention from scholars and researchers. Prominent fields of research addressing these challenges include far-right, radicalization, and extremism studies—yet these threats to democracy and justice also stem from the political center and from groups and individuals that appear on the left.

Our approach understands supremacism, in its multiple forms, as a pervasive belief system supporting dominance and oppression that is at the historical and contemporary core of society. This understanding is informed by feminism, intersectionality, reproductive justice, gender and race/ethnicity studies, and social movement studies, as well as incorporating far-right, hate, radicalization, and extremism studies. We consider how supremacism manifests in varied guises within and across geographic contexts—for instance, theocratic supremacism appears in the United States in the form of Christian nationalism and in India in the form of Hindu nationalism on the right-wing—and orients researchers to the shared belief systems of domination, dehumanization, and entitlement that underlie and encourage collaboration among supremacist and authoritarian projects. Supremacism is integral to the authoritarian project, thus our conference approach to addressing these issues in tandem.

IRMS invites papers on all manifestations of supremacism and authoritarianism, seeking to broaden this field of study by bringing scholars from varied disciplines into conversation. (We recommend Dr. Crystal Fleming’s talk from our 2020 joint conference on right-wing studies and male supremacism addressing the limitations of the radicalization framework for scholars addressing supremacy as at the historical and contemporary core of society.) We especially encourage paper proposals from race and ethnicity studies and gender and sexuality studies that approach white supremacy, patriarchy, and other forms of domination as structural, seeking to bring these researchers into conversation with those in far-right, hate, extremism, and/or radicalization studies as part of field-building on supremacism and authoritarianism studies.

The conference will take place in December 2022 on Thursday the 1st, Friday the 2nd, and Monday the 5th. (Note: slight adjustment to original dates.) IRMS conferences cultivates an international community of participants, running sessions scheduled to accommodate presenters in multiple time zones, with replays of session recordings at different times.

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 15. Interested presenters should fill out the following Google form by October 3, 2022 with a 500-word abstract of the working paper they would like to present at the conference. Both individual papers and full panel proposals (at least 3 papers, 500-word abstracts for each paper and the overall panel). Questions can be directed to