Registration is open for the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies/Institute for Research on Male Supremacism virtual conference, a space to join other researchers focused on the right-wing and male supremacism for three days of panels, networking events, training sessions, and keynote speakers. The conference will take place Tuesday, August 4th to Thursday, August 6th from 8:30am PT to 2:30pm PT/3:30pm GMT to 9:30pm GMT each day, with a closing networking reception until 3:30pm PST on Thursday.The morning’s panels will be replayed each day at the conference starting at 5pm PT to accommodate additional time zones.

Attendees also have the option of signing up for an add-on digital security pre-conference training tailored to researchers whose subject matter increases vulnerability and risk, which will be offered preceding the main conference on Monday August 3rd from 9am PT to 2pm PT. This training will be led by Praveen Sinha, a software engineer, security researcher, and director of security at Equality Labs, Sinha is passionate about helping people navigate the intricacies of private and state surveillance, and working with marginalized identities and communities.

Researchers will present papers on the following panel topics:

  • Targeting “Gender Ideology” and LGBTQ Rights
  • Women and the Anti-: Abortion, Health, Reproduction, Equal Rights
  • Masculinities and Mythologies
  • Immigration and Islam in the Right-Wing Imagination
  • Geographies of the Right
  • Conflicts of Nationalism

Other sessions will discuss the emotional toll of conducting research that deals with ideologies that are hateful, dehumanizing, supremacist, etc., best practices for researchers doing work on supremacist groups, and public scholarship. There will also be talks addressing current mobilizations confronting racism and white male supremacy, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the upcoming U.S. elections.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to join networking events, virtual “happy hours” to meet other researchers and discuss work or interests in an informal setting.

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Conference on Right-Wing Studies/Conference for Research on Male Supremacism: Full Schedule

Tuesday, August 4th

8:30am – 10:10am PT: Panel Presentations:

Targeting “Gender Ideology” and LGBTQ Rights

Chair: Carol Mason


  1. The many gay agendas: The making and remaking of anti-LGBTQ conspiracies, Evelyn Schlatter, Southern Poverty Law Center
  2. Beyond “Culture War” and Right-Wing Demagoguery: Fifty Shades of Gender and Sexuality between Moral Conservatism and Sex Radicalism, Ying-Chao Kao, Virginia Commonwealth University
  3. Reactionary Populism and Gender: Emergence of Anti-gender Movements in East Central Europe, Mina P. Baginova, Charles University Prague and University College London (UCL)
  4. Gender and the Revival of National Catholicism. A Study of Opposition to Feminism in Spain, Marcel Obst, University of Warwick

10:20am – 12pm PT: Panel Presentations:

Women and the Anti-: Abortion, Reproduction, Sexual Harassment, Equal Rights

Chair: Victoria Phillips


  1. Co-Opted Compliance: How Men’s Rights Groups Shape the Meaning of Title IX (1972-2020), Jessica Cabrera, University of California-Irvine
  2. Agitating for theocracy at the local level: The Anti-Abortion Movement Targets North Carolina’s Capital as a ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn, Cloee Cooper, Political Research Associates
  3. The New Pronatalism: Reproductive Health Care from Fascism to Forza Nuova, Diana Garvin, University of Oregon
  4. The Militant Culture of a Female Right-Wing Organization: The Example of Phyllis Schlafly and Eagle Forum, Amelie Ribieras, Pantheon-Sorbonne University

12:10pm PST – 12:50pm PT: Coffee Break

Join us in a virtual Zoom room to be broken out into “tables” to chat informally with other conference participants!

1pm – 2:30pm PT: Keynote Talk: Revealing White Supremacy, Dr. Crystal Fleming

Co-sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Dr. Crystal Marie Fleming is an internationally recognized expert on racism and anti-racism who empowers audiences to confront and challenge white supremacy. She is the author of How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy and the Racial Divide and  Resurrecting Slavery: Racial Legacies and White Supremacy in France. Dr. Fleming’s talk addresses the urgency of expanding our collective understanding of white supremacy beyond extremism like neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. Drawing on her expertise and empirical research on white supremacy in the U.S. and Europe, Crystal shows how white supremacy is deeply tied to European colonialism, patriarchy, modern capitalism and the destruction of our ecosystem. 

Wednesday, August 5th

7am – 8:15am PT: Early Bird Happy Hour

Whether you’re an early riser on the West Coast (the early bird gets the worm!) or in time for the early bird special in Europe, or somewhere in between, join us in a virtual zoom room to start today’s events by breaking out into “tables” to chat with other conference participants!

8:30am – 10:10am PT: Panel Presentations: Masculinities and Mythologies

Chair: Greta Jasser


  1. The Far Right’s Appropriation of Theory, Communication Strategies, Codes and Concepts of Masculinity, Georg Glaeser, University of Cologne
  2. The [Misogynist] Model Minority: MRAsians and Male Supremacist Beliefs in Asian America, Julia DeCook, Loyola University Chicago
  3. Sex, Power, and Body Control: Men’s Rights Leisure Participation and Neoliberal Discourses, Luc S. Cousineau, University of Waterloo
  4. A Pagan Ethic and Sacred masculinity?: Sports Mythologies and Practices Within the Azov Movement in Ukraine, Adrien Nonjon, Research Center Europe-Eurasia (CREE) and National Institute for Oriental Languages and Cultures (INALCO)

10:20am – 12pm PT: Panel Presentations:

Immigration and Islam in the Right-Wing Imagination

Chair: Danielle Tomson


  1. Islamophobia and American Right Wing Discourses on the Muslim Subject, Hatem Bazian, Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project
  2. In Bad Faith: Anti-Sharia Laws, the Constitution, and the Limits of Religious Freedom, Isabelle M. Canaan, Columbia Law School
  3. A Comparative Survey of Key Themes in White Supremacist and Anti-Muslim Hate Movement Ideologies, Alejandro J. Beutel/Stephen Piggott, University of Maryland START Center
  4. The Impact of Terrorist Attacks on (Anti-)Refugee Sentiment: Insights from two Natural Experiments, Arun Frey, University of Oxford

12:10pm – 1:20pm PT: Discussion Session

The Personal Toll from Researching Supremacist, Hateful or Violent Ideologies

IRMS Executive Director Alex DiBranco will facilitate a session discussing the mental and emotional toll of immersion in research that involves processing supremacist, hateful, or violent rhetoric and ideology. DiBranco was interviewed in 2019 an NPR article on the toll of reading misogynist rhetoric for research, the lack of support systems for this kind of work in academia, and finding spaces that can provide support and community. Joan Braune will present on Balancing Boundaries, Empathy, and Self/Community Care in Research on the Far-Right. Braune teaches philosophy at Gonzaga University, serves on the International Council of Experts for the Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies, and has assisted community activist responses in Spokane, Washington to incidents involving fascist and far-right groups. Discussion from researchers about their challenges and strategies in doing this work is encouraged.

1:20pm – 2:30pm PT: Discussion and Q&A:

Best Practices for Research on the Right-Wing and Supremacist Ideologies

Dr. Emily Carian will lead a session geared toward early career researchers discussing best practices for research on the right-wing and supremacist ideologies developed by the Institute for Research on Male Supremacism, from building a dissertation committee to conducting interviews with challenging subjects. Carian is an Assistant Professor at California State University, San Bernardino, a co-founder of IRMS, and runs the institute’s mentoring program. She will be joined by IRMS Fellows Julia DeCook, an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication at Loyola University Chicago, and Alexis de Coning, a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder. ECRs are encouraged to come prepared with written questions to ask.

Thursday August 6th

8:30am -10:10am PT: Panel Presentations: Geographies of the Right

Chair: Ida Birkvad


  1. Justice Delayed is Assimilation Denied: Right-wing Terror and Immigrants’ Assimilation in Germany, Sumit S. Deole, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
  2. Right-wing Authoritarianism and the (Sub)urban Fringe / #(Sub)urbanfringe, Jason Luger, Northumbria University
  3. Spatial Heterogeneity in the Intergenerational Persistence of Political Behavior: The Case of Far-Right Support in Germany, Berenike Schott, Columbia University
  4. A Case Study of Adversarial Imaginaries in Canada, Stephen J. Neville, York University

10:20am – 12pm PT: Panel Presentations: Conflicts of Nationalism

Chair: Martina Avanza


  1. From Climate Denialism to Climate Nationalism: Religion, the Right, and Environmental Politics, Matthew Hartman, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
  2. The ‘Right’ Road to Pluralism: Canadian Fascism and the True Origins of Multiculturalism, Bàrbara Molas, York University
  3. America, Look at Spain!: The American Right and Francisco Franco, David Austin Walsh, Princeton University
  4. The Legacy of Golden Dawn: Its Rise and Fall as the Normalization of the Right-wing Politics in Greece, Dimitra Mareta, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

12:10pm – 1:40pm PT: Keynote Panel: The Far-Right in 2020: Supremacist and Authoritarian Mobilization in the United States and Europe

Speakers: Dr. Terri Givens and Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal

Moderator: Alex DiBranco

Dr. Terri Givens and Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal will speak to present-day white and male supremacist mobilization and discourses on the far-right in the United States and Europe, from the Boogaloo Bois and anti-lockdown protests to misogyny, racism, and anti-Semitism on college campuses. IRMS Executive Director Alex DiBranco will moderate.

Terri GivensDr Terri Givens is the CEO and Founder of the Center for Higher Education Leadership. She is the author/editor of many books and articles, including Legislating Equality: The Politics of Antidiscrimination Policy in Europe and Voting Radical Right in Western Europe. Her forthcoming book, Radical Empathy: Finding a Path to Bridging Racial Divides, is scheduled for publication in February 2021. Givens has written and given talks on subjects including Trumpism, populism, and centering racism in scholarship on the radical right in Europe. Follow her on Twitter @TerriGivens.

Lawrence RosenthalDr. Lawrence Rosenthal is Chair of the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies. He has studied the Right in the United States and in Italy, and has taught at UC Berkeley in the Sociology and Italian Studies Departments and was a Fulbright Professor at the University of Naples. Rosenthal co-edited Steep: The Precipitous Rise of the Tea Party and The New Nationalism and the First World War and is author of the forthcoming Empire of Resentment: Populism’s Toxic Embrace of Nationalism (New Press) that will be released September 8, 2020. His work has appeared in numerous publications including the Nation, the New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Foreign Policy, and many others.

2pm – 3:30pm PT: Closing Happy Hour

Join us in a virtual Zoom room for a final opportunity to be broken out into “tables” to chat informally with other conference participants!