Edited by Emily K. Carian,  Alex DiBranco, and Chelsea Ebin

Published by Routledge April 22, 2022

This volume is the first collection of works around the theory of male supremacism: the system that disproportionately privileges cis men and subordinates cis and trans women, trans men, and nonbinary people. It aims to help correct the failure to take misogyny as seriously as racism, xenophobia, and antisemitism when researching the Right. 

It examines the manifestation of male supremacism in three ways: as patriarchal traditionalism, as secular male supremacism, and in its intersections with other systems of oppression. The volume’s contributions illuminate unique aspects of male supremacist ideology, practice, and culture while effectively illustrating how male supremacy plays a key role in right-wing recruitment and organizing.

Through these examinations, the volume theorizes how male supremacism and its accompanying ideology of male superiority undergird many of the most crucial phenomena of our time. From misogynistic incels to anti-abortion activism to the manosphere, this book provides a sweeping overview of the development and deployment of male supremacism in the United States.

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This volume derives from our work at the Institute for Research on Male Supremacism (IRMS).

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Table of Contents

Part I: Foundations

1. Mobilizing Misogyny

Alex DiBranco

2. The Inversive Sexism Scale: Endorsement of the Belief that Women are Privileged

Emily K. Carian

3. The U.S. Far Right’s Politics of Gender

Matthew N. Lyons

Part II: Patriarchal Traditionalism

4. ‘I Want to Thank my Husband Fred for Letting me Come Here,’ or Phyllis Schlafly’s Opportunistic Defense of Gender Hierarchy

Amélie Ribieras

5. Created Equal, but Equal in No Other Respect: Opposing Abortion to Protect Men

Carol Mason

Part III: Secular Male Supremacism

6. Of Victims, Mass Murder and “Real Men”: The Masculinities of the “Manosphere”

Ann-Kathrin Rothermel, Megan Kelly and Greta Jasser

7. Men’s Rights Activists, Personal Responsibility, and the End of Welfare

Alexis de Coning and Chelsea Ebin

8. Misogynist Incels and Male Supremacist Violence

Megan Kelly, Alex DiBranco and Julia R. DeCook

Part IV: Intersections

9. Fight Club: Gavin McInnes, the Proud Boys, and Male Supremacism

Meadhbh Park

10. Watching Awakening: Violent White Masculinity in Cuck

Meredith L. Pruden

11. Trans Women and the Invisible Sisterhood

Katherine Cross