Theorizing Male Supremacism

Emily Carian, Alex DiBranco, Pierce Dignam and Megan Kelly are currently collaborating on an in-depth investigation, documentation, and analysis of male supremacist movements. Deviating from typical research on this topic, the researchers make the claim that male supremacy and organized misogyny are fully-fledged political ideologies that are capable of motivating social movement involvement and collective identity creation, similar to the racist ideologies that fuel many Alt-Right movements. Drawing on a variety of data from many different male supremacist movements (such as “Incels”, “The Red Pill”, the “Men’s Rights Movement” and “Men Going Their Own Way”) the researchers seek to provide a comprehensive resource for future research on male supremacism, while also exploring the ideology’s importance to the Alt-Right’s recent political mobilization. The project benefits from collaboration with a team of data scientists who have amassed a major dataset of posts from male supremacist forums.