We are accepting applications from organizers for our August virtual Summer Institute for Organizers on Contesting Supremacism, cosponsored by Western States Center. This event will accept up to 24 grassroots organizers interested in a program diving deep into how to combat supremacist mobilizations, and will be tailored to the issues and needs attendees raise in their applications.

The training will be hosted via video conference on Friday and Saturday August 13-14 and 20-21, with breaks for lunch and rest, about 4 hours total daily Zoom time. In the morning sessions, researchers will provide trainings and classes designed to address the threats and challenges that participants indicated in their applications. Then, researchers and organizers will strategize in the afternoons in breakout groups to address real local scenarios. There will also be an evening social dinner with gift cards for participants to order delivery at home.

IRMS will provide support in developing these researcher-organizer relationships and engaged research projects to help organizing against supremacist and anti-democratic mobilizations after the summer institute. Participants will gain access to the digital security training video from our 2021 conference and other resources.

General topics covered will include how supremacist ideologies (i.e., white, male, cis, Christian, etc.) interrelate and conflict; how understanding this heterogeneity can help with organizing and countering misinformation; the impact of short- and long-term strategies; and the value of bringing together varied organizing fields such as reproductive justice and anti-authoritarian action.

The organizers of the summer school include Alex DiBranco, Institute for Research on Male Supremacism executive director, and IRMS board member Lindsay Schubiner, an expert on white supremacism and anti-democratic movements at Western States Center. DiBranco co-led a popular full-day training session at Western States Center’s Activists Mobilizing for Power conference in 2019 on “Unraveling U.S. Neofascism: Authoritarians, Racists, Christian: Patriarchs, Ethno-Populists, and Organized Wealth” and a short session “How Misogyny and Transphobia Unite Contemporary Far-Right Movements.”

The fee for the summer school is $110. Full and partial scholarships are available. You do not need to request scholarship support in your application–once accepted, you will be asked to indicate whether you need scholarship support. No one will be denied need funds. Our gratitude to our funder, Mary’s Pence, for their support.